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Why Choose

Our Core

We have been innovating through various fabric driven industries since the 1980s. Our focus has always been on providing new and improved solutions with everyday products.  Fabric is utilized all around us, which allows for the unique opportunity to weave solutions seamlessly into routines. 


Reliable and Responsible

With a global presence, we want to do our part to ensure our products, supply chain, and service are reliable. We believe it is our duty to not only provide a superior product and experience, but to do so in an ethical and responsible manner.   


Current Initiatives

We understand the severity of the current global pandemic. With our in depth experience with fabrics and many health driven solutions, we have geared up production to help meet the needs of health care professionals in our community and around the world. 

Unparalleled expertise

Don’t doubt that you are getting the expert care that you deserve. 

Organisations Trust us